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Sound Recordist

Audio Post Production

Photo Credit - Pascal Mora



I have worked professionally across many projects in all aspects of audio for picture. With a BA in Audio Engineering, I've worked on documentaries, short film, TV and with high profile corporate clients. I am based in Zürich, but often work in London or wherever the job takes me. My aim is simply to extract excellent audio from the location and in post production with as little fuss as possible and always with the clients' needs in mind.

Whether out in the field or in a professional studio, I strive to bring you excellence, attention to detail and creativity to:


  • Location sound

  • Sound design

  • ADR

  • Foley 

  • Music 



Here are just a few examples of some sound design and music composition.

"Pizza Verde"

Music by Barnaby Hall

Pictures by Gary Nadeau

"Shortly After Dusk"

Sound design by Barnaby Hall

Pictures by Theo Zesiger


Sound design by Barnaby Hall

Pictures by Santiago Menghini


Photo Credit - Pascal Mora



I have high quality professional kit for hire, it will easily cover most commercials, documentaries and short films.

Location Recording
  • Sound Devices 833 mixer recorder

  • 2 Channels Audio Ltd A10

  • 4 x Sennheiser G3 wireless transmitter and receiver

  • Schoeps CMIT 5u shotgun mic

  • Schoeps CMCu MK41 Supercardioid mic

  • 2 x Sanken Cos 11 lavalier mic

  • 2 x Countryman B6 Lavalier mic

  • Oktava MK12 stereo cardioid and omni pair for ambience recording

  • Ambient boom pole

  • Rycote wind protection (various)

  • Sony PCM D100 portable stereo recorder

  • 2 x Tentacle Sync

  • 2 x IEM

Post Production
  • Pro Tools 2020

  • Genelec monitors

  • Prism converters

  • Izotope RX7 Advanced

  • Neumann TLM 103 Mic

  • Many and various plugins for audio processing

  • Large instrument and sound library





Wilder 3 (TV Series)

2nd Unit Location Sound

Director: Jan Eric-Mack

Production: SRF/C Films

TWarrior (Short Film)

Location Sound/Audio Post Production

Director: Adrien Juhas

The Longest Goodbye (Documentary)

Location Sound Mixer

Director: Ido Mizrahy 




Wilder 2 (TV Series, 2018) Ep 1-6

2ndUnit Location Sound, 1stUnit 2ndBoom

Director: Pierre Monnard 

Production: SRF/C Films


VAUZ Universität Zürich (Short Film, 2018)

Location Sound, Audio Post Production, Music

Director: Sacha Traitler

Production: Flytime


Taeterinnen (Short Film, 2018) 

Boom Operator

Director: Franziska Larissa Dingetschweiler 

Production: Octamas - Synaesthetic


Markus Secrets (Short Film, 2018) 

Location Sound

Director: Beppe Gallo 

Production: Popcorn Productions


Esteelauder (Corporate Campaign, 2018) 

Location Sound

Raphael Gianelli-Meriano

Production: CTZAR


Fremdkörper (Short Film, 2018) 

Location Sound, Audio Postproduction

Director: Micha Muhl



Vitae (Short Film, 2017) 

Location Sound, Audio Postproduction

Director: Rabea Egg 


Virgin Media Business (Promotional Film, 2017) 

Location Sound

Director: Alice Brooks

Production: Taylor Made Media


Fearless Journey (Documentary Film Trailer, 2017) 

Sound Design/Mix

Director: Andi Batliner


SIX (Corporate Film, 2017) 

Location Sound

Director: Daniel Aries


 Fearless Journey (Documentary Film, 2017) 

Location Sound

Director: Andi Batliner


Diama Featuring Jazzmin Dian Moore, Calling all Angels (Music Video, 2017) 

Location Sound

Director: Julian Schleelein


Doritos/X Box (Advertisement, 2017)

Location Sound

Director: Loren Colson

Production: Formidable


The Island Business (Documentary Film, 2017) 

Audio Post Production, Music Composition

Director: Florian Rudolph


Zero Waste Now (Documentary Film, 2017) 

Location Sound

Director: Lynn Kohli


Crowd House (TV Advertisement, 2017) 

Location Sound

Director: Samuel Zerbato

Production: Cine Zerbato



Parasomniac (Feature Film)

Location Sound

Director: Eduard Vijulie


T/Here (Short Film)

Location Sound

Director: Elodie Pong

Production: Hugo Film


Erzählen im 360 (Short Film)

Location Sound

Director: Robert Müller

Production: Hochschule Luzern


Coop Fooby (Corporate Campaign)

Location Sound

Director: Frank J Estermann

Production: Faro TV GmbH


Die Traurige Ballade Von Isabell K (Short Film)

Location Sound

Director: Carlo Beer

Production: ZHdK


Lux (Short Film)

Location Sound

Director: Wendy Pillonel

Production: ZHdK


Sonnenwende (Short Film)

Location Sound

Director: Timo Von Gunten

Production: ZHdK


LZ Labs (Corporate Film)

Location Sound

Director: Christopher Gavin

Production: Odd Man Out 


Der Meister (Short Film)

Location Sound

Director: Simon Wottreng


Museum of Me (Short Film)

Location Sound, Sound Edit, Mix

Director: Simon Horrocks


Epson (Testimonial)

Location Sound

Director: Rollo Hollins

Production: Citizen Films

Download PDF for complete list.

2016 and beyond


Tabernacle 101 (Feature film, 2016) 

Location Sound

Director: Colm O’Murchu


Gamble (Short Film, 2016) 

Location Sound, Audio Post Production, Music

Production: SAE


Starting From...NowSeries 5 (web/TV drama series, 2015) 

Boom Operator/Sound Design Assistant

Director: Julie Kalceff

Starting From...NowSeries 4 (web/TV drama series, 2015) 

Boom Operator

Director Julie Kalceff


Get Out (Short Film, 2015) 

Location Sound, Audio Post Production, Music

Production: SAE


The Water Curtain (Short Film, 2015) 

Sound Design

Production: SAE


Das Rotkäppchen Desaster (Short Film, 2014) 

Location Sound, Audio Post Production

Production: SAE


Arizon (Corporate Film, 2014) 

Location Sound, Audio Post Production


Avaloq (Corporate Film, 2014) 

Location Sound, Audio Post Production


Whatever Happened to the Minipops? (TV Documentary, 2005) 

Production: Mentorn



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Photo Credit - Pascal Mora